Functional Family Therapy-Child Welfare

A Family-Based Prevention and Intervention Program

Download a brochure for our FFT-CW Program (in English and Spanish)


FFT-CW is a family-based program that helps families make positive changes in their homes. A typical treatment process consists of 4 months of weekly at-home sessions.

_A1W2902FFT-CW therapists:

  • increase knowledge of child development
  • strengthen parent/children relationships
  • enhance caregivers’ skills for managing children’s behaviors
  • help parents cope with the stress of parenting
  • provide children with educational or vocational assitance
  • provide referral and advocacy for families needing assistance

Community of Care

To protect children and to keep children with their families, FFT-CW is best delivered within a Community of Care. In the Community  of Care, families can focus on improving familial relationships in a less stressful community-based setting.

Who Can Receive Services?


Families with children up to 18 years old residing in Manhattan Community District 10 and Bronx Community Districts 4 & 5 can receive FFT-CW services through CV. CV accepts self-referrals or referrals from the Administration of Children’s Services, NYCHA, NYC Department of Homeless Services, schools, courts, local community-based organizations, and foster care providers.

Contact Us

To learn more about FFT-CW, contact our staff at (718) 220-4700 x7137.

To learn more about the internationally-established FFT program, visit FFT LLC.

If you think another preventive program would be a better match for your child, learn more about our MST services.

Change a child's life.