NYC Based Programs

We have been serving children and families in and from the five boroughs since 1851. Throughout the past decade we have intensified our efforts to work side-by-side with people in the communities in which they live because we know that children do their best when they are part of a family.

We partner with families facing challenges to empower them with the tools needed for success and provide supports and interventions that strengthen families and build better, safer communities. To achieve these positive results we measure outcomes for all our programs.

With a core of expert staff we are leading the way as innovative leaders in child welfare and juvenile justice. We constantly connect with our families to understand how we can better serve them.

Our continuum of services reaches thousands of children and families living in New York City annually including:

  • Evidence-based programs that prevent troubled teens from re-arrest or needing out-of-home care.
  • A dynamic community center that provides academic, recreational, and work readiness programs and opportunities for school-age youth, teens, and adults.
  • Adoption and foster boarding homes to keep children safe while they are in care.
  • Interventions for parents to regain custody of their children in foster care and keep families together.
  • Support services for young adults connected to the criminal justice system that provide the tools for success.

NYC Programs

Name of Program Service Provided Location
Drew Hamilton A vibrant community center for residents living in the Drew Hamilton Houses Harlem
Preventive Services Evidence-based program to keep troubled teenagers at home providing intensive support to families NYC
Project IMPACT Workshops and support for families with children in residential and foster care programs NYC
Foster & Adoptive Homes Finds adoptive and foster families for youth, including teens NYC
The WAY Home Program Support to youth leaving residential programs NYC
Harlem Justice Community Program Education and job support for young adults on probation Harlem
Arches Transformative Mentoring Mentoring and support for young adults on probation Bronx
Change a child's life.