Annual Report

The ultimate goal of all of our programs is to help families and children be successful. Download the full 2016 Annual Report to see some of our achievements and outcomes from 2016.

Building Brighter Futures

Every day there are children who wake up alone, with no adult who loves them unconditionally. These are often the same children who drop out of school, run away, or get in trouble with the law. Many end up on our streets, in homeless shelters, or in prisons. Unless we intervene.

With your help, we find critical lifelong connections for children, help them understand that their lives have possibilities, and support them in developing the skills and attitudes to succeed.

We operate more than 25 different programs that fall into one of three areas:

  • Prevention: Children belong to families, not to charities, programs, or the government
    Much of what we do is aimed at keeping children out of our residential programs. We support stressed families by helping them stay together and keep their children home—out of foster care, residential care, and even detention. Our staff work with families in their homes using a variety of short-term, evidence-based strategies designed to have long-term success.
  • Residential: Sometimes children and teens need time away
    Staying at home is not always possible, or advisable. Sometimes children need to be protected from an abusive situation or spend time away from negative peers so they can get back on track. We provide a variety of safe, short-term programs that give children and teens the opportunity to learn new coping skills while our staff work with their families or find new connections to ensure their safe return to the community.
  • Aftercare: Returning home is not always easy
    When struggling teens leave residential programs or incarceration, they need support to be successful. Often a little help from our mentors goes a long way in maintaining optimism and making the transition work. We help them build the skills they need to succeed, focusing on education, work readiness, and the ability to take charge of their lives and their futures.
Change a child's life.