Inwood House programs help teens onto pathways out of poverty.

Inwood House youth are valedictorians, proud parents, brave young people – each with a unique story. By meeting teens where they are and providing safe, supportive environments with resources, we work with them to develop as their best selves.


Click on the photographs below to read about the young mother’s journey.

Erica’s Story

When I was twelve…
I was abandoned by my mother. I entered the foster care system, going from one group home to the next. When I became pregnant at sixteen, I dropped out of high school.

When I was seventeen…
I was homeless at the time and had no place to go. When I was five months pregnant I came to Inwood House and stayed until I delivered my baby girl. Inwood House gave me the support and knowledge to become an advocate for myself and my baby.

When I was twenty one…
I was residing in my first apartment. I enrolled in classes and became certified as a Home Health Aide by the end of the year.

When I was twenty five…
I returned to Inwood House – this time as an employee. I worked full-time as a receptionist, while studying to obtain my GED and raising my seven year old daughter. At 26, I continued to work at Inwood House and was a student at CUNY College getting my BA in Liberal Arts.

Jacquelyn’s Story

After graduating from high school with academic honors, I enrolled at Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing. It was during my time as a student nurse that I first learned of the work being done at Inwood House. I earned my professional RN Diploma, but my celebration was short lived when a month later I told my family I was pregnant.

I was 20 years old, pregnant, and having lost my parent’s respect, without any support from my family. I entered Inwood House in what appeared to be the lowest point of my life. I lived at the Inwood House residence for five months and felt accepted by a sincere inspiring and totally committed staff.

When I left Inwood House, I left unashamed, confident and ready to embrace motherhood. I returned home a few months later, with my son Sean, a proud and confident young mother.

Thirty years later, Sean is not only my son but a business partner and a best friend. I now own my own business – a fitness and health company – and serve as President of the Progressive Black Adults chapter of the National Council of Negro Women. My stay at Inwood House may have been a brief chapter in my life’s journey, but is long and rich in memory.

Kathryn’s Story

When I was sixteen…
I was living at a city run group home where I became pregnant. A counselor at the home told me about a place I could go to receive help called Inwood House.

When I was seventeen…
I had been at Inwood House for five months, and I learned the skills I would need to support me and my child while getting help with school and applying to college. Inwood House also gave me all the prenatal care and health services I needed. I was provided with a doula who gave me support throughout my pregnancy up until my delivery day.

When I was twenty two…
I had a full-time job while working towards my degree at the John Jay School of Criminal Justice and raising my son – who made his mommy very proud with straight A’s! It has been a struggle, but everything I have learned has made me stronger and determined to make sure my child has the best life I can give him.

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