My experiences have taken me across various initiatives aimed at supporting teens in need of a second chance.

I began my journey with The Children’s Village as an intern while completing my MSW, and my work within the organization has been nothing short of fulfilling. Initially placed in Queens at Goddard High School and CV’s mother and child home, I transitioned into a clinician role, and I am now the Director of our Juvenile Justice Programs.

My experiences have taken me across various initiatives aimed at supporting teens in need of a second chance. From assisting unaccompanied minors to facilitating parenting classes and support groups, I’ve found my niche in making a difference in the lives of young individuals and their families. My responsibilities include overseeing the Second Chance program, a diversion program offering counseling to teens addressing court involvement and prevention from further entanglement in legal issues.

Having played a key role in the growth of these programs since their inception in 2015, I have so much pride in the impact they have on the lives of the youth we serve. In particular, The Fatherhood program, tailored to individual needs, equips young fathers with the necessary tools to navigate their responsibilities. One of my favorite success stories involves supporting a young father in juvenile detention to virtually attend the birth of his child! Due to detention limitations, he couldn’t be at the birth in person, but we worked with his legal team to get a virtual visit established. It was a beautiful moment, and I was proud to be a part of ensuring these teens had access to essential rights and support. This family eventually participated in the 8-week co-parenting program to discuss their future and received co-parenting certificates!

Our programs extend beyond detention centers, allowing us to connect with fathers in their communities, and provide a space for them to share their dreams and fears about parenthood. Breaking through the stigma and labels associated with juvenile justice involvement, we strive to reassure these teens that their dreams are achievable. As we continue to grow and promote our services, our mission remains steadfast: to advocate for and empower young fathers, teens, and those in detention. Witnessing the positive transformations and being part of these young individuals’ journeys reaffirms the importance of our work at CV, fostering hope, family connection, and opportunities for a brighter future.

Freddy, Director of Juvenile Justice Programs, oversees The Fatherhood program, providing tailored support for young fathers. Covering child development, financial literacy, job maintenance, and coparenting, the program empowers teens to navigate their responsibilities and family dynamics successfully.

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