Our Stories are Your Stories

Thank You

Last year, your support enabled us to serve over 20,000 youth and families. While the way in which a young person or family becomes connected to The Children’s Village may vary our goal remains family and a stable caring adult for all young people; and creating opportunity.

Thanks to friends like you, we are able to provide:

  • Family reunification and support.
  • Community and school-based programs.
  • Juvenile Justice Supports.
  • Trafficking and homelessness prevention.
  • Life coaching and long-term support from credible messengers.
  • Housing that is safe, affordable, and beautiful.

The stories in this book were written by young people and staff. We hope reading them helps you understand the impact your support has on so many lives. As you’ll read in the following pages, the results are life changing and the people are inspiring.

You made these stories happen. Thank you.

Click here to download the entire Our Stories are Your Stories 2024 Anthology, or view the individual stories using the links below:


Change a child's life.