Our Stories are Your Stories

Keeping children safe and families together – your support makes our work possible!

The Children’s Village builds stronger communities by keeping families together and creating new families when needed. We continually update and improve our approach, partnering with families to provide in-home services, short-term intensive residential interventions, housing that is beautiful and affordable, and more. We are committed to learning from and supporting communities all over the world, wherever our expertise is needed.

With your help, this year we:

Supported migrant children entering the US. We deployed to the US/Mexico border to help train border patrol staff on how to best care for unaccompanied migrant children and work towards reunification. We have also sent staff to El Salvador and Iraq, where we work with community partners to provide support for children and families.

Reaffirmed our commitment to housing that is beautiful and deeply affordable. This year we broke ground on the Eliza, which will house a brand-new NY public library, a STEM Learning Center, internet and Wi-Fi access, a universal pre-k facility, a community center with a teaching kitchen, and 174 deeply affordable and beautiful apartments for the residents of Inwood, Manhattan. Everyone deserves housing that is safe, affordable, and beautiful!

Invested in staff and families directly. With the support of our Trustees, we invested in frontline staff salaries, scholarships for education, and professional development. We also provided financial assistance directly to those who experienced hardships during the pandemic. Our incredible staff and families are the reason we remain able to do this work, and we will continue to support them in every way possible.

The stories in this book were written by youth and staff. We hope reading them helps you understand the impact your support has on so many lives. The work is difficult, but as you’ll read in the following pages, the results are life changing.

You made these stories happen. Thank you.

Click here to download the entire Our Stories are Your Stories 2022 Anthology, or view the individual stories using the links below:


Change a child's life.