CV Welcomes New Therapy Dog, Gertie!

CV is excited to welcome Gertie to the Animal Assisted Therapy Team! Animal Assisted Therapy is incredibly effective in individual and group sessions. Animals have the power to disarm emotions, invoke empathy, and be a friend to lean on. The most recent addition to our AAT team is Gertie, who was trained at Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities (ECAD), and joined us this summer.

Gertie has had quite the journey. She was initially trained to work with a person with autism who also suffered from chronic fainting. Gertie was trained to assist by licking the person’s face and staying by their side until they woke up. By the way, she still does this when Dr. Richard does her yoga routine on the floor!

When it was discovered that Gertie was afraid of buses and vans, she was not able to continue as a service dog, but made a wonderful therapy dog!


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