Congratulations, Graduates!

Graduation is an important milestone for many of our young people. We celebrate the amazing graduates across CV programs and congratulate them for achieving their goals.

This year’s graduating class at Greenburg Eleven was more than ready to break out of their caps and gowns to tackle their next journey, proudly waving and smiling to family and friends in the audience as they collected their diplomas on stage. Former WAY Program member and entrepreneur Demetrius Napolitano gave the commencement address and lead the audience through group meditation. He encouraged listeners to visualize the future success of our graduates and called on loved ones to visualize a happy future for our graduates. Sharing a few words with the budding graduates as well, CV President and CEO Dr. Jeremy Kohomban said, “Prove them wrong, you are so much greater than the labels people give you”.

Graduate Charles Brown had the support of his whole family (and CV family!). He was so happy to graduate but even happier for his next chapter. He chose a perfect Senior quote for the occasion: “If you can’t say goodbye to your past, then you just can’t say hello to your future.”

High School Graduate Maria Tziquin-Jorge of the Inwood House Bayside Program is proving she is much greater than the labels some people place on her. Maria has overcome many challenges, including becoming a young mother, to get where she is today. Attending school daily and staying up late completing homework while spending quality time with her daughter was incredibly challenging. But Maria worked tirelessly to graduate high school with excellent grades, which ultimately led her to be accepted to 5 New York City Colleges!

Inwood House Victory House Program member Ernaida Oliveira received the “Above and Beyond Intern Award” for all her hard work in the Learning to Work Program. Ernaida wanted nothing less than to be a model student this year and after applying herself in her internship and in the classroom, she will be attending Hostos Community College this fall, proving to herself and young people like her that hard work does pay off.

Our Westchester Therapeutic foster homes program graduated two cohorts of potential foster parents. Both classes have completed our 10-week foster parent training. Congratulations to our future parents!

We are so proud of all our graduates. They deserve tremendous credit for what they have accomplished, and we cannot wait to see the bright futures that lay ahead for them!


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