Outcome Corner: High School Education for Foster Children

Most of the children and youth we serve come from generations of poverty. Breaking that cycle, particularly for kids without families to lean on, who have arrest records, or who are teen parents, is difficult and, some say, impossible. The good news is that, with help, these students can succeed and often become the first in their families to earn a diploma.

As shown below, the graduation rate for youth in our WAY aftercare program is 86% compared to 68.4% for students in the New York City school system. The numbers are even more impressive when compared with similar students who only graduate at a rate of 37%. In fact, dropout rates for foster care students nationally are as high as 75%.

At our campus school, Greenburgh Eleven, CV has 10 seniors who have been with us since September, and 7 of them will be graduating. The good news is that they have all worked hard and completed their course work to graduate. In many cases, this involved significant credit recovery to make up for multiple school transfers, truancy, and academic deficiencies.

However, in order to graduate, they must also pass the state tests. The three students who are still hoping to graduate in the future came to us several years below grade level–one is actually reading at a primary level. We are proud of what they have accomplished so far and will continue to support them in their quest to achieve a high school diploma.


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