Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

Teaching Through Modeling

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support, originally designed for use in school districts, is a national model that helps teachers and staff work with students’ strengths to achieve a safe, positive environment. PBIS organizes adults and children to create a social culture in which the environment encourages positive behavior interactions while discouraging problem behaviors. This social culture provides a safer environment for children where they can build self-esteem, develop positive relationships with peers and adults, and improve their social and academic abilities. The foundation of this approach emphasizes that teaching children appropriate behaviors through modeling will result in youth adopting them. Staff remind youth to use appropriate behavior, acknowledging them when they do and correcting them when they do not.

The essential principles that PBIS is built on are the use of effective practices which include:

  • The definition of clear and concise behavioral expectations;
  • Teaching of expected behaviors;
  • Reminding on a daily basis through supervision;
  • Celebrating when expected behaviors are displayed;
  • Providing consistent correction for inappropriate behaviors.
Change a child's life.