Group Homes

Support on the Road to Independence

Each of our two group homes can accommodate three moms and three babies, with private bedrooms for each pair. The houses function like family homes with communal living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. They also have computer rooms/dens for the young women to do homework or resumes, playrooms, and large backyards with picnic benches and playground equipment.

Caring for an infant or toddler can be hard work. Staff work with the moms, helping them understand childhood development, practice new parenting skills, and support each other. They also learn to cook, how to budget, and how to manage a household.

“Being a mom feels wonderful. I’m doing a really good job, and that makes me feel good.”
— Pauline

Residents who are finishing their education attend local schools. Staff provide child care and help the girls to be successful with their school work. Residents and staff celebrate events like prom and graduation together.

A primary goal of the program is for the young women to become independent. Staff help the residents prepare for the workforce. They explore career interests, work on resumes, look for job opportunities, and prepare for interviews. Many of the young moms have gone off to their own apartments with good jobs and a plan for their future and the future of their family.

Change a child's life.