I found my voice and my confidence

NaylaCV’s Safe Harbour group allowed me to keep an open mind and learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. This was useful and relevant in my life because I was able to see my self-worth. It allowed me to gain the confidence to walk away from what I believed was an unhealthy relationship.

I found my voice and my confidence. I am understanding when it comes to the needs of others, I have learned communication skills that enable me to actively listen and give feedback and now I am able to mentor other girls to love and care for themselves.

– Nayla

(Nayla joined CV’s Safe Harbour group at 16-years old. She was a shy girl who lacked confidence and was engaged in high-risk sexual behaviors. Now 18-years old, Nayla is mentoring sexually exploited girls in Westchester County.)

Several thousand children are sexually exploited every year in New York State through trafficking and prostitution. The Safe Harbour Program provides therapy and creative group expression with the goal of helping girls and boys who have been exploited gain the confidence and courage to return safely to their families and communities.

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