Become a Mentor

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One positive adult relationship is sometimes the missing link for at-risk youth to become successful. Mentoring is an opportunity for you to develop a long-term, one-on-one relationship with a youth who is in need of a role model, friend and caring adult. Open up new worlds for a young person by taking him/her to a baseball game or museum, helping to write a poem or knit a hat, or taking him/her fishing for the first time. You might encourage your mentee to aim for college, introduce the world of work, or listen to his/her dreams, hopes, and fears.

Minimum age for a mentor is 21. Mentors are expected to spend approximately ten hours per month with their mentee for at least one year.

Mentors are matched with youth ages 7+ based on common interests, compatibility, geographic proximity, and youth needs.

Impactful mentors:
• Meet with their mentees for a minimum of 10 hours per month for at least one year
• Are role models and positive influences
• Are respectful of each youth’s life experience
• Set and enforce clear limits and boundaries
• Relate to youth from different backgrounds
• Are patient and able to deal with challenges
• Have a sense of humor

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