Freedom 60: Passing the Torch to Today’s Youth

In August, CV students and staff joined the Freedom Riders 60th Anniversary Celebration! Former Freedom Riders organized a series of events to commemorate this historical anniversary and “pass the torch” from the riders to today’s youth. Our young people traveled along the original route from Georgia through Mississippi to engage in immersive cultural tours and workshops. They were accompanied by former Freedom Rider Carol Ruth Silver and other civil rights activists, and were mentored throughout the process by Freedom Rider Lew Zuckman. It was a life-changing experience for many of our youth and staff. Some major highlights from the trip were visiting Kelly Ingram Park, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, the historic greyhound bus terminal, and a tour of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the area.

A few short months later CV hosted a panel discussion with young people and staff from the trip, who detailed why this experience was so meaningful:

“I learned a lot from Ms. Silver, we spoke often about making incremental change. Her words had me thinking internally about the problems that are in my community today and what I can do about those things. I took a lot away from her.”  – Joel, CV Youth

“Since we’ve returned to campus, I’ve noticed more kinship between our community residents and the residents that live on campus. They support each other and push each other, and this trip has really built a stronger community.” –  , Mr. Giles, Assistant Manager on CV’s Dobbs Ferry Campus

“I took away that I want to be able to uplift my peers around me and surround myself with people who can uplift me. Since the trip, I’m trying to stay around people who will challenge my mind and point of view to help me grow.” – Ben, CV Youth

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