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“My family, especially my children, view education more positively. They have more hope about passing in school. They see that I did it and feel that they can do it too.”

Bard College Harlem Clemente Course at Children’s Village is dedicated to providing people who are in economic distress with life-enriching engagement with the humanities. Clemente is based on the conviction that by studying the humanities, individuals who have been denied access to economic, cultural, and social opportunities develop the critical, reflective, and creative skills, as well as the motivation, that enable them to work more effectively toward improving their own lives and those of their families and communities.

“I wasn’t someone that really had an interest in formal education. Now I have enrolled in Kingsboro and plan to apply to G.S. at Columbia University.”

Because our students do not have resources with which to finance their education, we provide a full scholarship to all of our students. Harlem Clemente is committed to helping students overcome the barriers that make a commitment to rigorous education difficult. To that end, we provide students with books, computer lab access, individual writing tutoring, and a meal before each class. We also provide on-site childcare to enable single parents of young children to participate in the course.

“Because I talk constantly about my Clemente course, my pastor returned to school.”

If you have any questions about donations — or other ways you can support Harlem Clemente — please call David Kittay, Harlem Clemente Course Director, at (914) 523-9394 or Jamila Baucom, Children’s Village Vice President for Advancement, at (914) 693-0600 x 1413.

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