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Helping Kids Prepare for Success

In some cases, children who are having behavioral or emotional difficulties can benefit greatly from a new environment, one that offers structure, help from professionals trained in child and adolescent behavior, a break from negative peers or influences and a time-sensitive set of interventions. The Children’s Village operates a number of residential programs, all of which are designed to help children and youth develop the skills and positive attitudes needed to succeed as healthy contributing adults.

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Residential School at Dobbs Ferry

A Second Chance for At-Risk Youth

The Children’s Village residential school engages at-risk boys aged 6 to 20 in an enriched and structured program aimed at preparing them to be successful members of their families and communities. It focuses on teaching pro-social behavior and fosters a love of learning, the acquisition of career-oriented job skills, and the development of leisure interests and skills that will foster life-long emotional and physical health and well being.

The school is staffed 24/7 with professionals experienced in helping children and youth deal with anger, feelings of loss, and educational failure. Located on a 180-acre campus just 35 minutes from New York City, The Children’s Village provides extensive recreational, vocational, and educational facilities in a quiet, natural setting.

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Louis Jackson Crisis Residence

A Safe Place to Heal

When a child’s behavior or depression presents a danger to him/herself or others, sometimes the only option is hospitalization. The Louis Jackson Crisis Residence, on the grounds of The Children’s Village, is a safe and therapeutic living environment that provides short-term care for children and youth as an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization, which can be traumatic for youth and their families. Over the years, the Crisis Residence has cared for hundreds of children, with positive outcomes. Often youth return home in less time than if they had gone to a hospital, with less medication, no restraints, and at less than half the cost.

Learn more about The Crisis Residence.

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Family Court Assistance Program

A Hand Up

In 2006, The Children’s Village was awarded a contract from Westchester County to care for boys and girls awaiting family court hearings. The Family Court Assistance Program serves youth who have committed minor offenses or whose families have petitioned the court to help them with their child’s unruly behavior through a PINS (person in need of supervision) petition. The capacity is 12 boys and 12 girls, who live in two cottages on the campus of the Children’s Village. The goal of the program is to provide a safe place for the youth to stay during this interim period as well as for CV’s professionals to provide the court with the kind of diagnostic information that will help the court decide on the best services and placement. In most cases, youth are returned to their families with in-home support to help the families deal with risky behavior.

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Runaway & Homeless Shelters

A Safety Net for At-Risk Teens

CV operates homeless shelters to care for runaway and homeless youth in Westchester (The Sanctuary) and Rockland (Project Turning Point) Counties. These programs provide runaway and homeless youth with a safe place to stay while counselors help families resolve problems. Without these services hundreds of homeless, runaway, and street-involved youth would face dangerous streets, harsh weather conditions, and violence every year.

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