Our campus is alive with laughter!

Three days a week, our campus Recreation staff get an extra burst of kid energy when a big yellow school bus rolls to a stop in front of the Lanza Activities Center and a bunch of exuberant kids emerge, barely able to contain their excitement.

The kids begin their day at CV’s Drew Hamilton Community Center in Harlem, and are participants in our free summer camp for kids ages 5 to 12. While on campus, they enjoy our Olympic-sized pool, play sports, do arts and crafts, hike in the nearby woods, and much more. 

One camper, Lassell, 10, gave the camp a big thumbs up. “My favorite parts are the pool, and playing foosball and softball.” When asked where he’d be if he weren’t at camp, he said, “Probably Barnes and Noble, because they have A/C and I like to read. But camp is a lot more fun!”

In addition to the Drew Hamilton Camp, which is new this year, we have also hosted Our Victory Day Camp (a camp for children with special needs) for many years. We love seeing the children enjoying our beautiful campus.

Change a child's life.