CV Launches Tech Hub to Provide New Digital Opportunities

“I love learning about computer programming and technology. It’s a great path to channel my talent.”

Technology has become an increasingly prevalent part of our lives over the past few years, especially as we have embraced remote learning and programs throughout the pandemic. CV’s Recreation Department, which runs WAY works sites designed to give young people real paid work experience, knew that it was critical to bring in cutting edge technology and programs to meet the needs of our young people.

In February of 2021, CV launched the “Tech Hub”, a space for young people to learn more about the digital world and what kind of career opportunities may be available. Young people come in to learn and practice skills like computer literacy, photo and video editing, coding, gaming, virtual reality, and even robotics. They can also use the space to get after school homework help and practice their typing skills.

The Tech Hub is not just about career opportunities, it can also be a therapeutic outlet. Khadim, who you can regularly find in the Tech Hub, says “I love learning about computer programming and technology.  It’s a great path to channel my talent into. I feel like some of the anger I had before was clouding my judgment, but now its going away.” He uses the Tech Hub as one of his coping tools in addition to the weight room, basketball team, and café work program.

CV is grateful to the Garden of Dreams Foundation and others for providing the funding for this project. Their support enabled CV to create the space and launch a program that is truly driven by the interests of the young people who use it.

We’re thrilled to see what’s next for our young entrepreneurs, web developers, digital artists, cyber security consultants, and more. The sky is the limit for these young creative minds!

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