I believe that there is no better investment

As a resident of Scarsdale for over 40 years, I have been aware of Children’s Village and its good work. My husband David graduated from Scarsdale High School in 1963 and, as class president, selected CV as a place where concerned classmates volunteered their time. Today, David is a CV trustee and a school board member of Greenburgh Eleven, the campus school district.Smith-edit

Since we like to do things together, it was natural for me to volunteer with him first, as a couple by becoming mentors to Andrew and then on my own helping with fundraising and committing time to brightening the lives of the children.

I believe that there is no better investment of time and treasure than in the life of a child. As President Obama said, “If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope…you will fill yourself with hope.” The children of CV are among society’s most vulnerable and they desperately need hope, a hope which comes from caring adults who show them love and believe in them.

I have found great personal satisfaction in what I do for CV. I enjoy the staff with whom I work and have come to know and respect. I like sharing with my husband in something to which he has also committed so much time and energy.

– Cheryl S. Smith

Cheryl and David Smith are part of CV’s mentoring program, which pairs concerned individuals with youth, many of whom have no family connections.

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