“Being a mom feels wonderful.”

My mom raised a good child. She was really loving, taught us manners, and to be respectful. She didn’t have to adopt me, but she did.

When I had my daughter, Zariah, everything about how I was raised came back to me. Now it’s my turn to be the mom. I want to get my GED, get a job, and get my own apartment. I’m thinking about a nursing program.

I’m not going to make the choices my birth mother made. I would never disappear on my child.

I want Zariah to be smart, go to college, and be a good kid. No boyfriends! They just cause trouble. Being a mom feels wonderful. I’m doing a really good job, and that makes me feel good.

Pauline and Zariah live in one of our community homes for young mothers in the foster care system. The home is part of Inwood House at The Children’s Village.

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