“I want my kids to believe in themselves.”

I was put in foster care when I was 12. I was mad, hurt, and pretty scared. When I think of my mom back then, what I remember are broken promises.

But my first foster mom, Harriette, really helped me. I was having a tough time at school and she helped me figure things out, helped me get my head back in the game.  She even homeschooled me for a while until I was ready to go back.

Another foster mom, Jeri, she’s still in my life. I come to her to talk about everything. She helped me become a mom, a really good mom. I want my kids to believe in themselves, to know that they can always come to me no matter how hard life gets.

Parents make mistakes – I know that now. Having kids of my own helped heal things a little with my mom. We’re working on it, but I have hope for us.

Change a child's life.