Beginning with Beethoven

About a year ago I was asked if I had any time to teach a young man piano at Children’s Village. His name was Adonis, and he was teaching himself Beethoven by ear!

I was excited to begin this adventure, but really had no idea how it would evolve. So we began meeting for piano lessons each week. Over these few short months, Adonis has progressed in leaps and bounds. He has learned to read and plays new pieces on his own. Adonis comes to each lesson very eager to continue learning. He focuses completely and never seems to give up when he meets a new challenge.

I am very proud of Adonis, and feel lucky to be able to help this young man pursue his musical talent. I am sure he will be able to use this positive experience as he is faced with life’s challenges. Adonis has shown himself that focus, dedication to overcome obstacles, and not giving up are skills he can easily call upon.

— Marcy Smith, M.A., Ed.M

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