“Chef Cami motivated me to go to college.”

I worked with Chef Cami in the Hawks Nest Café on campus for about a year. She taught me basic things, like how to measure ingredients, how to dice, how to cut up a chicken, that sort of thing. I’d never really cooked anything before, but through working with her I realized that I liked cooking and that I had a passion for it. Chef Cami motivated me to go to college for Culinary Arts — she helped me see that cooking is my talent, and I can’t let that talent go to waste.

Chef Cami taught me that becoming a chef is something that requires passion, patience, and love. She taught me that as long as you have passion for your job, you will never work a day in your life. Even through struggles and hurdles, if you dedicate yourself to your passion, anything is possible.

Change a child's life.