“We had our doubters but look at us today”

We came a long way
The things we face are real
And this right here is my positive way to deal
I belong right here doing what I love most
In my treatment I’ve always felt like I’ve never had a choice
I be screaming in the inside and no one can hear me on the outside
So I’ve never had a voice

We came a long way
We had our doubters but look at us today
And let me tell you this much it’s been a team effort since day one
We are a group of young leaders
We are a success story
We are pioneers
We are lions
We are brave
We are courageous
We are Bravehearts!!!!
Angel is part of Bravehearts, a youth movement founded in Westchester by young adults who have struggled with a variety of issues and have had experience with foster care, residential placement, substance abuse, homelessness, mental health and/or the juvenile justice systems. They work with government and private agencies on policies and procedures in the hope of providing a better experience for kids who will be involved with those agencies in the future.

Change a child's life.