Executive Team

President & CEO
Jeremy C. Kohomban







Chief Program Officer
David Collins, LMSW

Chief Financial Officer
Richard T. Goerg

Vice President for Advancement
Jamila Baucom
Vice President for Human Resources
Deborah Finley-Troup, MS
Vice President for Residential Services
Richard Gallwey, MSW

Medical Director
Dr. Traci Gardner, MD

Vice President for Community Foster Care
Danielle Gaffney Kryger
Vice President for Community-Based Services
Warren Kent

Vice President for Immigration Services
Patty Small
Vice President for Behavioral Health Services
Daphne Torres



Senior Leadership Team

Steven Alba
Director, US Residential Services

Kevin Bradley
AVP, Operations

Monica Cedeno
Director of Immigration Services

Dean Dekranis
Division Director, Detention Services

Beth Enser
Director of Training

Peter Friedman
AVP, Residential Programs

Michelle Fumagalli
Director of Nursing

Deborah Giordano
AVP, Inwood House Division

David Gunton
General Counsel

Carl Johnson
Division Director, Transformative Mentoring

Renato Leonel
Chief Information Officer

Patricia Llanes
Division Director, NSP Staten Island

Vincent Madera
Director, CV Institute

Vertraille Palmore McCall
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

Dr. Daniel Melnick
Director, Residential Support Services

Sandra Miller
AVP & Controller


Vincent Price
Director of Recreation

Sandra Roman
Director of Case Management Services

Alexis Santiago-Autur
Division Director, Westchester Community-Based Programs

Tina Schleicher
Director of Evidence Based Services

Meagan Stone
Director of Human Resources

Tara Stukes
Director of Adoption & Foster Care