“Everyone needs a plumber…”

A Focus on Gratitude

Although every high school graduation is special, the sense of accomplishment displayed by the young men was extraordinary at this year’s commencement ceremony for our campus school, Greenburgh Eleven.

Five of the graduates addressed the packed audience, each one offering insights into his personal journey and the struggles he had to overcome to achieve this milestone. The graduates spoke of academic difficulties, self-doubt, and waning motivation. Quameek said it best: “I’m just so shocked that I’m actually graduating high school. And I am so proud of myself!”

But what they focused on most was gratitude for the individuals who had encouraged them to keep working toward graduation — teachers, staff, volunteers, and family members who never gave up on them.

The graduates also spoke of next steps. While many are going on to college, that path is not right for everyone. And that’s just fine with them. Jonathan enthusiastically shared his plans to follow his uncle into the plumbing field. As he said, “Everyone needs a plumber at some point!”

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