Deloitte Volunteers Uncover Treasures!

This article appeared in the Summer 2014 News from the Village.

3 Team Photo

Deloitte employees, accompanied by their friends from Macquarie, traded their suits and briefcases for jeans and paintbrushes at CV’s Polo Grounds Community Center in Harlem. As the first group to kick off the busy corporate volunteer season, Deloitte set a high bar. The day was filled with laughter as they bonded with each other and with CV youth while painting, organizing, cooking, and otherwise sprucing up the Community Center.

One Deloitte team member proved to be a painting professional, covering both the walls and 44 Under the stage sorthimself with bright blue paint. Others went on archaeological digs through closets, attics, and alcoves, laughing as they tried to top each other’s uncovered buried treasures. The winner found a fully operational sink, running water and all, buried beneath musical instruments. The volunteers who didn’t care to be fully immersed in paint and dust enjoyed making caramel popcorn balls with our professional chef as an after-school treat for the kids.

“We all truly enjoyed ourselves and found it to be a very rewarding day,” said Shannon Morrow, a Senior Associate at Deloitte.

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