Year-Long Fundraising and Awareness Campaign Announced with Franz Viegener

NEW YORK, NY — May 18, 2013 – Christian Colman, Director of Exports for Franz Viegener presented a check for $5,000 to Jeremy Kohomban, Ph.D., President of The Children’s Village  at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. The donation kicked off a year-long awareness and fundraising campaign by a number of premier bath fixture dealers in and around the NYC Metro market where they, along with Franz Viegener (FV), will contribute $20 for every FV faucet sold.  These dealers include Grande Central Showrooms of NY, Green Art Plumbing Supply, Cove Plumbing Supply, and Decoware.

“We are delighted to receive the support of a globally recognized company that believes in quality products and services,” said Jeremy Kohomban. “Strong relationships with the business world allow us to help our young people grow into productive members of society who will someday enter the business world themselves.”

The Franz Viegener Premium line is manufactured in Buenos Aires, Argentina by F V SA. FV started in 1923 and is the largest faucet manufacturer in South America. This family-owned corporation maintains its German heritage intact over the 4 generations in Argentina; always emphasizing quality and good design in all its products. “With the Franz Viegener Premium line we go back to a more artisan approach to manufacturing: smaller production lots with attention to details in the finish that can only be achieved by the expert hands of artisans with ample experience,” says Francisco Viegener, President of FV.


Franz Viegner’s handcrafted products are designed with uncompromising attention for details. Creativity, innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction are at the heart of the Franz Viegener company philosophy. Visit us at

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