Mayor’s Plan for NYC

Recently, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced an ambitious campaign to reduce the unreasonably high rates of poverty, incarceration, and unemployment among young minority men. The Campaign will spend $127.5 million over three years to reduce these devastating trends.

During his announcement the Mayor said, “There is no cure-all. We’re not going to be able to reach every single person, no matter what we do. He added optimistically, “But we have to give it our best shot.”

The Mayor identified four areas of priority–education, socioeconomic and health, employment and incarceration.

I would add a fifth priority, “One life-long stable and appropriate adult relationship.” In our long experience this is the one variable that is often missing from the lives of our young men. This goes requirement goes beyond a typical mentoring relationship and it requires a moral commitment to be there for these men for the long-haul, well into their mid and late 20’s.

Finding and helping create these life-long relationships is not easy, but it is a must have aspect of the success formula. It works, and at The Children’s Village, we see his formula work every day!

-Jeremy Kohomban, PhD
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