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Mentoring is an opportunity for you to develop a long-term, one-on-one relationship with a youth who is in need of a role model, friend and caring adult. Open up new worlds for a young person by taking him/her to a baseball game or museum, helping to write a poem or knit a hat, or taking him/her fishing for the first time. You might encourage your mentee to aim for college, introduce the world of work, or listen to his/her dreams, hopes, and fears.

Minimum age for a mentor is 21. Mentors are expected to spend approximately ten hours per month with their mentee for at least one year.

Mentors are matched with youth ages 7+ based on common interests, compatibility, geographic proximity, and youth needs.

Impactful mentors:
• Meet with their mentees for a minimum of 10 hours per month for at least one year
• Are role models and positive influences
• Are respectful of each youth’s life experience
• Set and enforce clear limits and boundaries
• Relate to youth from different backgrounds
• Are patient and able to deal with challenges
• Have a sense of humor

Click here to read an article written by a mentor and mentee about their experiences.


Youth at Children’s Village often struggle academically, and many have fallen far behind their peers in school. Simple things such as reading with them or helping with homework can make a big difference. We are in need of volunteers with patience and a passion for teaching adolescents who can be matched one-on-one with a student to help in one or more subject areas.

Read about one of our remarkable literacy tutors, Lauren Blum.

Classroom Aid

Our residential school, Greenburgh Eleven does a great job of educating our youth. However, an extra set of hands is very helpful. Classroom Aids should have some experience with children and/or in education. Because of the significant role that Classroom Aids play, this volunteer opportunity requires the highest time commitment of at least two school days per week from 8:30am-3:15pm.

Visiting Host

Visiting Hosts observe family meetings and outings with children in care and their biological families. This may involve accompanying a child and his or her parent to the playground, on a fun field trip, or simply sitting with them in one of our family rooms. Volunteering as a Visiting Host requires commitment and continuity so that the volunteer and the family are comfortable and adjusted to one another.

In Kinders

In-Kind Donation Committee (“The In-Kinders”)

If you fancy yourself a behind-the-scenes player, but still like to know you have made a significant impact, the In-Kind Donation Committee is for you. Donations of in-kind gifts (toys, household goods, furniture, appliances) make a real difference to a family who has very little. Often in-kind donations make it possible for a child to return home or move into his or her own apartment. This committee meets weekly to sort and organize the many in-kind donations generously given to our children and families. An extra set of hands is always helpful!

Seasonal Projects

The holiday season can be especially difficult when you are away from family or your family is struggling, which is unfortunately the case for many of our children and families. To bring a little cheer we have seasonal festivities. These events are fun, but require a lot of work from dedicated volunteers! If you are looking for an annual commitment that is sure to bring joy to many lives, then consider joining our seasonal team.

Leadership CouncilLeadership Council at Jets Game

Young professionals working in the greater NYC area interested in supporting at-risk children make up this exciting, energetic group. The Leadership Council is an opportunity for young professionals to expand their network and experiences while touching the lives of those who need it most. Click here to learn more about joining our Leadership Council.

Open Door

Open Door is a literacy initiative founded in 1998 to provide books to the students at Children’s Village and to nurture their love of reading. On our Dobbs Ferry campus, Open Door volunteers run a library and reading program in the schools and help with Open Library, an after-school reading program in the Lanza Activities Center available to youth campus-wide. To read more about Open Door and to get involved click here.

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