Success Stories Lloyd J.

A Typical College Student

In many ways, Lloyd J. is a typical college student. In his senior year at SUNY Cobleskil, he works part-time, plays tennis, thinks a lot about what he will do after graduation, and spends breaks from school with his family.

But Lloyd is far from typical. He spent most of his life in foster care and four years in CV’s residential school. With a lot of structure and support, he made great strides emotionally and academically and was accepted into a four-year college. However, he was facing the prospect of doing it alone since he had given up on becoming part of a family years ago.

To his surprise and delight, Lloyd was asked by CV staff member Tommy King and his wife if he would be willing to become their foster teen.  Lloyd moved in with the King’s the summer before his freshman year.

“They made it clear from the beginning that I was part of the whole family. I have siblings, grandparents, cousins, a whole family. The King’s home is now my home.”

With the security that the King family has brought to Lloyd’s life, he has the chance to do what all college students do, dream about a future. Right now I’m looking forward to getting in the real world and contribute.


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