You helped 235 teens get off the streets.

But it’s not nearly enough!

On October 14, 2017, twenty five CV staff and volunteers — including a brave CV trustee, David Schwartz (right) — spent the night in tents and sleeping bags to raise awareness of teen homelessness.

The event took place following Dobbs Ferry’s annual street fair, where visitors to CV’s booth received balloons and bracelets saying “1,400 every night — Stop teen homelessness.”

We work with kids every day who have no place to call home. Some jump from one friend’s house to another’s in what is called “couch surfing.” Others have family members who take them in for a while with the understanding that the arrangement is temporary. And still others spend nights riding trains and buses, sleeping in the park, or trading sex for a warm bed.

“Within 48 hours of leaving home, many kids get approached by a trafficker,” said Jennifer Madera, Director of CV’s homeless shelter.

Thanks to donors like you — and our event volunteers — many were helped. Some called our hotline or came to the Shelter, the only one in Westchester County for homeless teens. Others moved into our supported apartments, where they can live for up to two years while they learn to be independent.

You can help. Know the signs.

Homelessness today is “hidden in plain sight,” but if you look closely, you may notice the signs:

  • Homeless teens often wear the same few articles of clothing.
  • They appear tired and/or fall asleep unexpectedly.
  • They are vague about their address.
  • They say they’re “not hungry” when friends buy food, yet eat ravenously when offered food.

If you think a teen needs help, share our hotline number: 1-888-997-1583. We’ll take it from there.

Change a child's life.