CV’s History and Success with MST

Children’s Village is the largest provider in New York State of MST, with a current slot capacity to serve 800 cases annually.  CV has MST teams operating in New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island. These teams are reintegrating youthful offenders into their communities and preventing troubled kids from needing to be removed from their families. Both of these strategies are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in reduced incarceration and residential placement costs.

New York is one of several states to make a significant commitment towards utilizing and testing MST.  In 2000, the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) began a small number of pilot projects utilizing MST for high-risk youth discharged from its facilities. The Children’s Village was one of the first local agencies to participate in the MST pilot, starting with a small project in the Bronx. CV has continued to work with MST and significantly expanded its service and expertise.


  • 2000: CV chosen by OCFS to pioneer the use of MST to treat youth released from OCFS facilities with the goal of reducing recidivism.
  • 2002: MST program for Westchester County’s Probation Department that serves a PINS diversion  youth.
  • 2006: Intensive Preventive Program that serves high risk youth in the Bronx and Manhattan.
  • 2006: MST Network Partner qualified to train and license teams in MST.
  • 2010: Partnered with OCFS to provide  Alternative to Detention services to youth in Brooklyn, known as the OCFS Brooklyn to Brooklyn initiative. This project involves intensive family based intervention to youth in the care and custody of OCFS who remain in the community.

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