These women touched my heart

Mayisha1I am so thankful for each and every person for their contributions in my life. Throughout it all, I grew mentally, spiritually, and even physically aware of myself.

First off, The Sanctuary was really my SAVIOR!! The Lord was answering my prayers when I was told by police officers that they find a safe place for me to stay at 1am. That night I was with a group of knuckleheads in their backyard, sleeping at their house knowing that I overstayed my welcome. I remember being at the Sanctuary for the first time. Everyone was so REFRESHING and Beautiful!!!

Ms. Jhenee was so sweet, Miss Pam was hilarious, and Miss Jennifer just always has the right answers to comfort you. These women were the first people who really touched my heart and healed it so much from the wear and tear damage that caused me to act out. I would really be happy because Miss Mims ALWAYS let me help cook and I loovvee to cook for people.

My work and experiences with staff educated me so much about myself and my interaction with others. Miss Jennifer clearly saw that living with my aunt was a toxic situation so she introduced me to the Transitional Living Program.

I am so happy, I am so grateful, I am so fortunate, and I am so loved by so many people. I am really, really, really grateful for each and every person. I really wanted EVERYONE to know that you are special in your own ways.

All of the new staff who haven’t worked with me, I hope that the new generations of the Sanctuary Program and the Transitional Living Program become better and safer places for each youth that steps foot into the door.

– Mayisha

CV’s Sanctuary is the only shelter for runaway or homeless teens in Westchester County. Teens typically stay for less than two weeks, at which point 90% of them return to a parent or guardian with supportive services. Occasionally, when an older teen has no family to return to, he or she can move into a shared apartment as part of CV’s Transitional Living Program. Youth can stay for 18 months while they attend school and/or work to save for a permanent apartment.

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