Tri-ing for CV

Tri-ing for CV is an example of grass roots philanthropy at its best. Gregg Bienstock first became involved with The Children’s Village while serving as Chair of the Contributions Committee of his employer in 2001. An amateur triathlete, in 2005 Gregg decided to utilize his racing for a good cause and began his “Tri-ing for CV” campaign. In 2007, Gregg’s “Tri-ing” efforts were joined by Scott Gottdiener, a partner at the law firm of Latham & Watkins. Since 2005, Tri-ing for CV has raised approximately $250,000 through race pledges.

Tri-ing for CV 2007 Wins Jarden Charity Challenge
In September of 2007, Tri-ing for CV won the 2007 Jarden Charity Challenge, which was presented to the team in the Jarden Westchester Triathlon who raised the most money for a single charity. As the largest fundraiser for the race, Gregg accepted a check from the Westchester Triathlon Committee for $1,500 for The Children’s Village. Together with Scott Gottdiener, Gregg raised more than $37,000 in pledges for the 2007 Jarden Westchester Triathlon, raising his total for the 2007 season to approximately $75,000.

Tri-ing for CV’s 2013 Race Plans

June 30 – Stamford, CT
September 29 – Westchester Tri
August – TBA

Stop back for more information on the 2013 season.

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