I’m Not a Bad Kid

BennyI was trying to sell a cell phone to a guy when we started arguing. The police came and I was arrested. This was my second arrest and I was 18-years old. I’m not a bad kid. I like sports, hanging out with friends, but I find myself in positions to make money and get into trouble. I should have canceled the whole transaction once the conversation began to turn into an argument.

The Arches Program has helped me return to school, work, and be home at a reasonable time. I’ve also made adjustments to who I hang out with. The Arches Program made me see things a little differently. I learned how to think and handle situations better. I took advantage of the program and I’m grateful I was chosen to be part of trips to poetry slams, basketball games, and theme parks. Overall, the program has helped me with a combination of information, encouragement, and some fun along the way.

– Benny

(Since becoming involved with CV’s Arches Program, Benny is taking GED classes at Bronx Community College and planning to attend college. He also started participating in an employment program.)

CV’s Arches Transformative Mentoring Program works with young adults on probation to disentangle from the criminal justice system. Skilled mentors guide participants through journaling, goal-setting, and engaging in field trips, education, and employment activities.

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