Welcome Back Alumni

During our more than 150 years of existence, The Children’s Village has touched over 100,000 lives, helping children develop to their full potential and ultimately realize their dreams. Our alumni have gone on to be educators, social workers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, even a senator. They have served their country in the military, become public servants, and contributed much to their communities. We are proud of their accomplishments and proud of the part that we have had in their success.

The Alumni Relations Department helps alumni stay connected with the Village and maintains a database of alumni. The annual Alumni Picnic is a popular event, helping alum to stay connected with the campus and staff.

Often, family of alumni who were here in the 1800’s or early 1900’s contact us for information on their grandparents. Unfortunately, there was a fire in our administration building in 1994 that destroyed many of our records. However, we help where we can.

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Change a child's life.