Achievements and Outcomes

CV is a founding member of the Association for the Advancement of Evidence Based Practice and is a leader in using and developing programs that document positive outcomes. Our success in serving high-risk youth and the unique interventions we deploy are widely recognized. Media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Fox News, NOW with Bill Moyers, The Journal News and The Child Welfare Watch at the Center for an Urban Future have prominently featured CV, the organization’s program philosophy, and program success.

Some of The Children’s Village’s achievements:

  • 2013 Gold Prize Winner of the New York Nonprofit Excellence Award
  • Re-Accredited by the Council on Accreditation in 2015
  • Meets all twenty standards set by the Better Business Bureau for Charities Accountability
  • New York Senator Gillibrand’s Angels in Adoption Awardee presented by the national Congressional Coalition
  • Named Agency of the Year by the Alliance for Children and Families
  • Awarded the Child Welfare League of America and the Walker Trieschman Center’s David Liederman Award which recognizes innovation in leadership development and workforce practices
  • Selected by the Alliance for Children and Families as a pilot site for Strategy Counts, an initiative funded by the Kresge Foundation to elevate the role of strategy in non-profits
  • Ranked as one of NY’s top five charities in fundraising efficiency by Contribute Magazine
  • Invited by Charity Navigator to be part of their Advisory Panel to help assist in developing a three dimensional evaluation tool that tracks organizations financial health, accountability and transparency practices, and outcomes

Annual Reports

Click here to read our 2016 Annual Report on outcomes, achievements, and donor activity.

Outcomes and Achievements

The ultimate goal of all of our programs is to prepare youth to be successful as adults. To that end, we track educational success, work experience, family reunification, housing stability, avoidance of arrests and other measures that indicate how well youth are achieving goals. Following are some of our recent outcomes:

The WAY Home

The WAY Home, which provides aftercare for youth leaving CV’s residential treatment center, is evaluated through quarterly reports documenting success in school, success in getting and keeping a job, housing stability and avoidance of incarceration. We also document program inputs such as the number of phone and face-to-face contacts with mentors, counselors’ case loads, and levels of services provided such as housing supports and tutoring.

Click here for WAY Home Outcomes

Multisystemic Therapy Program

The Children’s Village has been operating MST programs for the past 10 years to keep families with troubled youth together safely — whether youth are returning to families from juvenile facilities or at risk of being placed. CV is currently the largest provider in New York State of this nationally recognized evidence-based program and is actively supporting fellow agencies in the practice of MST.

A report recently compiled shows impressive results for 896 cases served by CV’s MST Programs. 89% of youth remained in the community (out of placement), 89% were arrest free, and 83% were in school/working.

Click here for MST Outcomes

The STEP Program

The System Therapy Empowerment Program (STEP) provides intensive supportive and aftercare services to young people in Westchester County who are leaving residential foster care and returning to their families and communities. The fundamental purpose of STEP is to make these transitions successful by empower families to build and maintain a positive environment and engage community resources that promote health, emotional well being and family cohesion.

In the past five years, the STEP program has had a success rate of 95%, with only 5% of youth being returned to residential care. Prior to STEP being introduced, 23.5% of youth were returned to care in the first year.

Click here for STEP Outcomes

Family Finding

Sometimes The Children’s Village mission of keeping families together involves reestablishing family connections. Our Family Finding Department works to reconnect the children in our care with at least one family member (parents, naturally, but even grandparents, stepparents, siblings, cousins, etc.), first by combing through years of child welfare records and then broadening the search in other ways when necessary (read about one successful search here).

Click here for Family Finding Outcomes



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