Welcome to the Children’s Village and thank you for your interest in our work.

We are a charitable institution founded in 1851, and today our mission remains very much the same as it was at our founding. We help children and families who are struggling become productive, independent citizens who will enrich their communities and their future families.

We believe that there are four keys to success: education, work, lifelong relationships and social responsibility. To that end, we are passionate about education and have high expectations for our students. We help youth develop the attitudes and skills needed to enter the workforce successfully and assist many of them in beginning career-oriented employment. We assist our students in developing and nurturing life-long relationships with family, friends and mentors. Finally, we emphasize social responsibility and insist that students acquire the values and attitudes required for success in our communities.

Whether you are a parent, alumnus, prospective employee, donor, or friend, I hope your tour through this website will give you some small inkling of the amazing people whose lives we have had the privilege to touch.

I invite you to visit one of our many program sites, learn more about our work, and become part of our family.


Jeremy C. Kohomban PhD
President and CEO

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