Gianni and Terry

“Even if we fight, one of us will come up and say sorry.”

Gianni (G): When I first came to CV I was the new kid, and some of the kids gave me a hard time. But after a few days Terry stood up for me.

Terry (T): I just asked those kids how they would feel in his situation, and they left him alone after that. We knew pretty much right away that we wanted to be roommates.

G: Basically, we both have the same mindset. We love books, video games, and Kung Fu movies.

T: We mostly love to laugh, but sometimes we stay up arguing.

G: But even if we fight, one of us will come up and say sorry. We always make up.

T: Have you ever heard of a thing called frenemies? Well, that’s us. Sometimes we’re enemies, but after a couple hours we’ll be friends again. We’ll definitely be roommates as long as we’re here.

G: We agreed that after we both get discharged, we’ll still be friends. First, we’ll hang out at my house, and then I’ll visit Terry for a sleepover.


Gianni and Terry are roommates in Rose Cottage, which is home to the youngest children on our campus. These children generally come to us because they need additional support currently not available in the community.

Change a child's life.