“Everyone calls me Grandma.”

I’ve fostered 30 kids over the years. I’ve kept in touch with most of them –- they call me and tell me how they’re doing. I tell my friends, if you have the room and love in your heart -– become a foster parent. Lots of kids need good homes.

I have a soft spot for the sibling groups because they often get split up. My mother passed when I was 7, and my father when I was 17, so I know how important it is to have siblings to lean on. Families should stay together.

One of my adopted daughters, Noel, went from foster home to foster home to foster home. I tell you, she’s a difficult one! But she’s doing well now.

From the second they walk in the door, I treat all of the kids like they’re my family. And everyone calls me “Grandma.”

Seeing their smiling faces -– that’s the best part.

Change a child's life.