“I’m the mother figure.”

I’ve worked at Children’s Village for 18 years, and almost from the start I was with the younger boys. I’m the mother figure in the cottage. The boys know they can come and tell me anything, ask me for anything. It may take me a little time, but if there’s a way I’ll get it done.

I think of the boys here as my kids. I tell them I give my daughter tough love sometimes, and I do with them too. I’m teaching them things I teach her – how to make their beds, separate laundry, fold their clothes, do their homework.

Christopher is a smart kid. Sometimes he’ll tell me he doesn’t have any homework, but I know all the other boys do. Then he’ll laugh and pull it out of his pocket, folded up and hidden from me. He’s a fanatic about cars. He told me he’s going to buy me a Lamborghini when he’s older!

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