Community Advisory Committee


The Children’s Village Community Advisory Committee is a forum for open and active communication between the community and The Children’s Village for the purpose of facilitating understanding and resolving any issues as they arise. It is open to all members of the Dobbs Ferry and Hastings communities, as well as representatives of formal constituencies (e.g. schools, organizations, groups) within these communities.

The Committee is limited to 20 members at any given time.



  • To inform the community about The Children’s Village, its mission, its programs, and the children it serves
  • To bring to light any issues the community may have and find strategies to resolve them
  • To develop strategies for positive interactions between The Children’s Village and the local community
  • To create an open line of communication between CV and the community to ensure that the community has the facts they need about things that may impact them.


David Schwartz


Lauren Blum, Community Member, Hastings-on-Hudson

Officer Samuel Brecker, Hastings-on-Hudson Police Department

Drew Coburn, Community Member, Dobbs Ferry

Elizabeth Fabian, Community Member, Dobbs Ferry

Steve Gifford, Member, Dobbs Ferry Volunteer Fire Department, Dobbs Ferry Volunteer Ambulance      Corps, and Dobbs Ferry Recreation Board

Carol Howe, Community Member, Irvington

Officer Justin Kamke, Dobbs Ferry Police Department

Sister Connie Koch, Community Member, Dobbs Ferry

Don Marra, Appointed Representative of the Village of Dobbs Ferry

Stephanie Natale, Community Member, Dobbs Ferry

Wendy Naidich, Member, Hastings PTSA

Jeff O’Donnell, Community Member, Dobbs Ferry

Mary Perillo, Community Member, Dobbs Ferry

Ronald Rowland, Community Member, Dobbs Ferry

Scott Univer, Community Member, Dobbs Ferry

Staff Representative:

Linda Stutz, Vice President for Advancement

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