“Proud of Who I Have Become”

VaughnAt the Circle of Friends Dinner this year, keynote speaker Vaughan Thorpe spoke about how CV helped him go from a Rikers inmate to an up and coming filmmaker.

“Filmmaking is the one thing that is stronger than the pull for money or nice clothes. It’s the one thing that I truly, passionately want to work at. Finding this motivation transformed me into the man I am today,” Vaughan told the crowd. He continued, “Thanks to CV, I am standing before you proud of who I have become. I don’t own a camera, I don’t have an apartment, and I
want more than anything to go to college to study filmmaking, but my story already has a happy ending. I found my passion, I found a reason to wake up each morning and work hard.”

His speech was so moving that Jamie Marley, a CV trustee, personally collected funds to purchase Vaughan his first camera and all of the equipment he could wish for. Now, Vaughan can pursue his films and shoot whenever the inspiration strikes. He plans to give back to CV by developing a PSA to recruit foster parents. Then he’ll work on a portfolio to help him get into
college to study filmmaking. With help from his CV friends, he will make his dream come true.

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