Regional Programs

In the right environment and with appropriate supports, every child has the potential to make his or her life happy, fulfilling and socially constructive. By helping children reach their highest levels of achievement, we not only build a sound foundation for their futures, but for our own as well.

With this goal in mind, The Children’s Village serves thousands of children and family members throughout the Southern New York state area and certain international programs that include:

  • Evidence-based programs that prevent troubled teens from re-arrest or the needing for out-of-home care.
  • Runaway and homeless shelters that keep teens safe and off the streets and provide them with a support network.
  • Family support programs that significantly improve the success rate for family reunifications from foster care.
  • Supported housing for homeless teens that help them avoid long-term dependency on social services.
  • Innovative programs for children with serious emotional, developmental, and medical problems.


Regional Programs

Name of Program Service Provided Location
Street Outreach Streetwise van that goes into the urban centers of Westchester County to engage street-involved youth Westchester
STEP Support to youth being reunited with families from foster care Westchester
Bridges to Health (B2H) Services for foster children with emotional disturbances, developmental disabilities, or serious medical problems Mid-Hudson Valley
Preventive Services Evidence-based program to keep troubled teenagers at home providing intensive support to families New York State
Runaway & Homeless Shelter Provides short-term shelter and respite for runaway and homeless teens Westchester & Rockland
Supportive Housing Provides supervised apartments for older youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless Westchester
The WAY Home Program Support to youth leaving residential programs Westchester

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