Sally Paddle Tennis Tournament

Each year we gather at The Sally Paddle Tennis Tournament to celebrate the spirit of Sally Rogers and raise money for The Children’s Village Sanctuary for runaway and homeless youth. Due to COVID-19 and possible NY State restrictions that Fox Meadow may have for large group events, we will not be gathering in person this year, but we hope you will join us in supporting the wonderful work done at The Sanctuary by making a donation.

In Westchester County, over 1,400 teens are homeless. Despite Westchester’s reputation for affluence, there is a significant underserved population of teenagers who are homeless or have run away from home due to an argument, emergency, or other circumstances. These are kids we all know: a boy in our child’s school; the teen serving us in a restaurant; the young girl on our local sports team. This is not their choice! No one wants to be homeless.

The Children’ s Village Sanctuary is the only homeless shelter dedicated to teens in Westchester. When teens come to the shelter, they collaborate with social workers on a plan for stability and coordinate all of the services that will help them succeed once they have returned home or found a safe alternative. They utilize a positive approach that encourages youth to take an active role in shaping their future and lead them away from homelessness. Teens can participate in therapeutic activities such as yoga, drama and improv workshops, cooking classes, and pet and art therapy. Providing emergency housing is the first step, but empowering teens to build better futures is just as important. In 2019, 95% of teens who lived at the Sanctuary exited with a stable housing plan.

During the pandemic, staff have gone above and beyond by educating teens about health and safety, implementing protocols like mask wearing, hand-washing, and social distancing, and helping teens navigate the psychological aspects of our world in this moment. Supporting these teens is increasingly difficult, and it’s more important than ever that they have life-changing resources available to them. Your gift makes all of these much-needed services possible.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, The Sanctuary serves nearly 600 youth per year through its shelter and hotline. With your help, we can ensure that these teens have safer options and a chance for a better future. The number is staggering and unacceptable, but together we can make a difference.

Make your gift today.

The Sally will be back in October 2021!   Stay healthy.



About “The Sally”
“The Sally” has been held at Fox Meadow Tennis Club in Scarsdale, New York, for over 37 years with help from local clubs (thank you Westchester Country Club, Town of Greenburgh, and Siwanoy Country Club).  The tournament, now named after Sally Rogers (1947-2004), a long-time Fox Meadow member, who assisted with managing the event for dozens of years, helps increase awareness to the unsettling statistic of over 1,400 teenagers living on the streets of Westchester County every night.  All proceeds from the silent auction, raffle and registrations support the Children’s Village Sanctuary, which provides a safe haven for Westchester County teens who are homeless or have run away, often from unsafe or abusive homes. They come to the shelter voluntarily, sometimes after spending weeks or months on the street.

The Sally is a competitive, yet friendly, women’s B paddle tournament for intermediate and advanced players. Its continued success demonstrates that our sport can be both fun and a wonderful platform (pun intended!) to help serve our communities.


Change a child's life.