Little Village FAQ’s

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Do residents of The Children’s Village interact with children in the daycare?

The Little Village is a secure center located on the campus of The Children’s Village. CV youth do not interact with the day care children. CV youth are supervised to and from school by staff and monitored by campus security. CV youth respect the boundaries and they avoid coming near the day care.

Do you use a curriculum? What is it?

We use the Creative Curriculum written by Diane Trister Dodge. Teachers and teacher associates are trained in using, comprehensive curriculum that follows children from infancy through preschool. The curriculum emphasizes building upon the interests of children expressed during play to provide a variety of learning experiences that are fun and engaging.

Is The Little Village a licensed center and how are staff trained?

The center is licensed through the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. Staff participate in a minimum of 32 hours of training every two years, although our staff often exceed that. In addition, staff receive ongoing training through conferences (including NAEYC), workshops, in-service, on site consultation with Child Care Council of Westchester, Inc. Little Village has been awarded grants through CCW that provide consultants, help purchase materials, and allow us to continually enhance our high quality program.

Are children served any meals?

Breakfast (included in tuition) , lunch (small fee) hot lunch provided by cafeteria on campus, breakfast and lunch menus supervised by nutritionist, and snacks (parents take turns providing snacks for the class)

Are there any medical staff onsite?

CV medical staff (including a pediatrician) are always on grounds during daycare operation. In addition, day care staff are trained in CPR/First Aid. Of course, in the case of an emergency we always call 911.

What happens if I’m late to pick-up my child?

Children are always cared for and supervised by trained staff. Late fees are $20 for the first 15 minutes, and $10 every 15 minutes thereafter.

Do children in the day care ever participate with the assistance dog program?

Preschoolers (3-5yrs of age) – participate (when needed) with ECAD program – the natural energy, enthusiasm, and playfulness of young children help the service animals learn to focus and follow directions even during difficult situations they might encounter with clients.

What families use the Little Village for day care?

Families from the nearby communities come from all walks of life (doctors, teachers, public relations, graphic artists, lawyers, web designers, fund raisers for theatre, accountants,etc) parents who are employed by CV as social workers, psychologists, program supervisors, treatment coordinaters,etc; special education teachers from Greenburgh 11 (located on CV grounds).

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