Praise for the Little Village

Families often write to thank us for the impact The Little Village has on their children. See what one Dobbs Ferry family had to say below.

Good Evening,

We are truly blessed to have met the staff at the little village daycare because we are experiencing a remarkable growth and development with Jasmine in areas that Adam and I know we have not developed. Jasmine is signing her ABC’s, old McDonald had a farm, the itsy bitsy spider, counting 12349810. Jasmine is a meticulous hand washer and kind to other children. Her brother Johnathen actually like her now because she says sorry when she hit him and she asks him for a turn, as opposed to the usual mine.

We often tell our friends and family about the best kept secret in town being the little village daycare. The staff are an AWESOME group of people that really employ the team spirit as we admire their interaction. We wholeheartedly value the little village daycare staff for helping us parent Jasmine. Jasmine is growing into a beautiful little lady and we know it is the result of the diligent efforts facilitated in part by the daycare staff.

If your organization participates in a staff appreciation day, we would love to know when that is and if you don’t have you yet, may we suggest you pilot one this year. I can take the initiative to coordinate with the other parents to celebrate the greatness that is the little village daycare.

Your thoughts, and our many many thanks,

God hear my prayers when I ask for Jasmine to be cared for by angels when mommy was away.

Doreen, Adam, Johnathen and Jasmine Thiessen

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