BraveLife Reentry Summit

Please join us for summit to allow for better collaboration and bridge building between professionals and youth/young adults who are/were a part of the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems.

Tuesday, September 20; 8:30am-4pm
Westchester County Center
198 Central Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606

Please note: Registration for this Summit is closed.  Thank you.

Youth selected workshops include:

Morning Session A:
It’z Not Drama, It’z Trauma:  This workshop will focus on how having a trauma informed lens can help the professionals and youth within the juvenile justice system. This workshop will address the need for youth and professionals to look at the “why” behind a youth’s behavior. This workshop will include topics around how professionals can best support youth dealing with trauma in the juvenile justice setting and how youth can use their voices and knowledge of their trauma to advocate and gain better self-awareness.

Law and Order: PIN – Person in Need (The only professional led workshop): This workshop will explore the area of probation and its components. This workshop will look at the intake and referral process into the realm of probation. There will be an overview of how PINS and the Youthful Offender program work, as well as demystifying the process that a young person may walk through when using these services. This workshop will also address the court process and the roles of the District Attorney. This workshop will be facilitated by professionals only.

Let Me Show You How We M.O.V.E.: This workshop will look at the how young adults with lived experience with being in the juvenile justice and foster care systems can benefit the work that professionals do. This workshop will look at how we can cultivate a culture where youth and professionals work hand in hand to positively impact the system. This workshop will also look at some of the challenges that happen when engaging youth who were served by these systems to now help others currently involved. This workshop will also look at how the system can best support youth with lived experience to use their voices of experience to motivate others.

Afternoon Session B:
#KnowYourRights: This workshop will provide youth with legal empowerment and will allow professionals the chance to hear some of the most pertinent concerns that youth within the juvenile justice and foster care systems have when it comes to the legal process. This workshop will highlight ways to demystify the court process for youth, along with explaining the roles and responsibilities of key players within the court process including Judges, Attorney for the Child and County Attorney.

The Over-Represented and the Misunderstood: This workshop will look into some of the key factors that play a role in why there is an over-representation of youth of color in the juvenile justice and foster care systems. This workshop will look at the lack of resources within communities of color and how that perpetuates the cycle of involvement within the different systems. This workshop will look at today’s society and how it affects young people of color while also investigating ways that professionals within these systems can help youth of color cope. This workshop will also discuss how classism, racism, and ageism play a role with the over-representation of youth of color within the juvenile justice and foster care systems.

The Road Less Traveled (the only youth led workshop):This workshop will explore what youth consider the real reason for homelessness when youth transition out of the foster care and juvenile justice systems: lack of consistent support for youth aging out. This workshop will explore the importance of connections to consistent supports as a way to help those youth who are homeless or couch-surfing. This workshop will discuss ways that youth can build and sustain connections as well as how professionals can support connections that youth have already established with significant others in their lives. This workshop will be facilitated by youth only.


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