Admissions FAQ for Parents

The decision to place your child away from home is a tremendously important and difficult one to make. Our staff is here to help you decide not only if that is the best answer for your child, but also what program will best meet his or her needs. Please review some of the more frequently asked questions about our largest program, residential treatment. The staff in the Admissions Department is available to address any additional questions that you may have about this process.

Q: My child’s behavior is making it difficult to continue to live in my home. How do I get my son into The Children’s Village?

A: We take referrals from a variety of sources. The most popular are through your local social service agency or your child’s school district.

Q: My child is in special education and his educational needs are not being met in his current school setting. How do I get him transferred to The Children’s Village?

A: As the parent or legal guardian you must request in writing to have your child’s Committee on Special Education (CSE) convene so that the committee can ascertain if day placement at our school (Greenburgh Eleven UFSD) or residential treatment would be an appropriate accommodation to meet your child’s educational needs. We suggest that you bring supporting material from your child’s therapist, teachers, or mental health providers to your CSE meeting.

Q: My child is a day student at Greenburgh Eleven UFSD. How can he become a residential student at The Children’s Village?

A: It is your right as the parent or guardian to contact your child’s home Committee on Special Education (CSE) and request that the committee meet to review your child’s educational needs and, if appropriate, change your child’s educational plan to reflect the need for a residential treatment.

Q: My child was previously attending a residential school out of state. I have been informed that my son’s school has lost funding. How can I find out if your school fits my child’s educational needs?

A: Please feel free to explore our website and contact the admissions office via email or phone at your convenience. You may also call admissions and schedule a tour of our beautiful Westchester County campus.

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